To establish development projects in Africa that achieve real and measureble development and
sustainable socio-economic upliftment of the country and its people it is supposed to serve

To source applicable, highly skilled and experienced specialists to design and control the implementation
of sustainable development projects in concert with the relevant authorities, and combining it with adequate funding, management, transfer of skills, and social responsibilities. These projects to be done in all countries in Africa, and in all sectors of human endeavour.

Identification of projects
Project planning and development of business plan
Project Management
Community-, and Poverty Relief projects
Establishing contacts with Governments
Identification of Investment Opportunities
Sourcing and linking of Funds (Local and International)
Sourcing of Services, Resources and Products
Construction of infrastructure and mega-projects (Refineries, Hydro-electrical and Solar Power plants, Agro-industrial complexes, Dams, Electrical Power grids and Backbone Transmission lines, Telecommunication, Security Surveillance Command and Control Centres, etc)
Sourcing markets and products

Present Project Involvement
Sourcing funds for Couga Port Project (RSA)
Salt Refinery (Botswana)
Exploration and developing Oil and Gas fields, Alumni Oil (Namibia and RSA)
Security Command and Control Centre, Upington Municipality (RSA)
Industrialisation, Timber Industry, Nampula (Mozambique)
Public Transport (Mozambique)
Copper, Colbalt, Gold Mining (Zambia)
Solar Plant (Lesotho)
Iron ore, Copper (Zimbabwe)
Agriculture, Carbon projects, Pienaars River & Mokgopong (RSA)
Agriculture, Capanda & others, Financing (Angola)
Security Equipment to RSA Government through sister company Safricor (RSA)

Cooperating Companies & Entities
Scientific Association of Mozambique (Aicimo)
Daewoo Sky (Korea)
The Government of South Korea
Smart CMS (Korea)
South Korea (SK) Petroleum
Yamaha Solar (China)
Alumni Oil (UK)
CAPCO (Korea)
Korea Telecoms
SA Biodiesel (RSA)
Samsung (Korea)
Hyundai (Korea)
Remoteq Solutions (RSA)
HK Investments, Bio-degradable products (China)